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Alpha Wire Copper Wire & Cable Products

As a women-owned supply chain partner, Nuzira aims to change the way industrial players in the government, aerospace, and IT infrastructures view suppliers. We accomplish this by providing thousands of high-quality items, including those under the Alpha Wire copper wire and cable products umbrella. Nuzira is an Alpha Wire Distributor that prioritizes unparalleled customer service.

For more than 95 years, Alpha Wire has been producing wire and cables capable of standing up to the toughest conditions. These products are designed to uphold functionality in hazardous environments where their performance is absolutely critical, so there’s never any question that Alpha Wire will provide peace of mind when it is most needed.

Nuzira understands that our clients need products that can handle just about anything, which is why we’re happy to supply Alpha Wire products. As an Alpha Wire Distributor, we provide products from Alpha Wire such as 20G 2C NON non-shielded wire and 1/2 oval braid/tinned copper due to their durability and reliability. These long-lasting products can stand up to the rigors of even the most challenging applications, including military electronics and instrumentation.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Alpha Wire products is their incredible versatility. They can be used in practically any application for a high degree of efficiency, whether that is on a factory floor or as part of a government operation.

Those in need of copper wire and cable products that will function as true utility players are bound to find precisely what they’re after with Alpha Wire Copper Wire & Cable Products. In high-value industries, there is simply no margin for error—Alpha Wire keeps meaningful assets protected at every juncture.

For peace of mind that your wire and cable will maintain its intended function no matter how rough conditions become, shop Nuzira’s selection of Alpha Wire products now and purchase reliable items that most closely align with your needs.

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