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Eaton Aerospace Authorized Distributor

Eaton Aerospace was founded in 1911, and this power management company has been providing high-quality components to customers in a variety of industries since it was first founded. Eaton transfer switches are a must-have for customers who are building electrical systems for aerospace plants, IT infrastructure, and government partners.

Eaton offers a wide variety of automatic transfer switch (ATS) products for businesses, plants, and organizations of all sizes. Eaton transfer switches are a key component of any emergency or standby power system, allowing for the transfer and distribution of electrical loads from the power grid as well as generators and other backup power systems.

This is essential for IT companies, government agencies, and aerospace companies that may need to switch to a secondary power source like a generator to maintain operations in the event of a power grid failure. With reliable, powerful Eaton transfer switches, you can build more robust, reliable operations and avoid downtime for mission-critical systems.

Shop Nuzira for Eaton Transfer Switches

As an Eaton Aerospace authorized distributor, Nuzira has a wide variety of products for Eaton transfer switches, as well as related products and components that may be required for our customers in the fields of government aerospace, IT infrastructure, and other governmental organizations.

We offer a wide variety of lamp cap assemblies, switch guards, toggle switches, and much more. With new inventory being added each day, Nuzira can help you get all of the components you need for Eaton transfer switches and provide you with reliable service throughout the US.

As experienced supply chain partners, we understand the importance of reliable deliveries, constant contact, and proper communication throughout the ordering process. You can always trust us to deliver the Eaton Aerospace products you need. Start shopping now!

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