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Authorized Switchcraft Distributor

Switchcraft, Inc is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of switches and connectors used within a variety of industries, ranging from telecommunications to A/V, IT, military, transportation, appliance, and computer industries. Switchcraft connectors have a reputation for reliability and high quality.

These connectors can be used in almost any industry for any purpose, including IT infrastructure, government organization, and aerospace companies alike. From power connectors to video connectors and cables, audio cables, phone equipment, radio equipment, and much more, the company offers a wide range of products.

All Switchcraft connectors meet 9001 standards, with select connectors meeting worldwide regulatory standards including UL, CSA, Semko, Nemko, SETI, and SEV standards, to name just a few.

Whether you’re designing a new security system for a government organization, developing radio equipment for aerospace applications, or creating a power system for a new IT data center, Switchcraft connectors will offer unparalleled performance and quality.

Shop Nuzira for Switchcraft Connectors

At Nuzira, we make it our goal to provide customers in the aerospace, government, and IT industries with the connectors, cables, and other infrastructure components they need in an easy-to-browse, streamlined shop.

As an authorized Switchcraft distributor, we have a wide variety of components and products available. From 3.5mm headphone jacks and jack covers to mounts, washers, and more, our lineup of products is ideal for a wide variety of purposes in many different industries.

Best of all, when you shop at Nuzira, you get guaranteed quality and delivery with excellent customer service. As an experienced industrial supply chain partner, we know the importance of reliable service, so you can trust Nuzira to deliver the Switchcraft connectors you need – on time, and on budget. Shop online with Nuzira now.

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