Image taken by Nick Turpin (UK) using FUJIFILM X100V | F7.1 | 1/500sec. | ISO 1000

A Comprehensive Guide to Fujifilm X100V: Its Availability in 2023

Find out why the Fujifilm X100V is in demand, the latest updates on its availability, and some tips on how to secure one once become available on the market.

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Exploring the Fujifilm X100V: Availability Guide for 2023

Available in black & silver colors, the Fujifilm X100V Digital Camera features a 26.1-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and a fixed 23mm f/2 lens. It is the fifth generation of the X100 series and was released in February 2020. From fleeting holiday moments and family celebrations to hard-hitting visual stories and ever-changing city streets, this Fujifilm X100V is capable of delivering exceptional images and high-quality videos.

Fujifilm X100V Digital Camera (Black & Silver)

Due to its compact form factor, versatility, and impressive performance, the Fujifilm X100V has proven to be one of the most in-demand and desired cameras on the market. It has been a popular choice for both amateur and professional photographers, and its abrupt unavailability has caused confusion about when they will have the opportunity to obtain it once more. And with that, Fujifilm responded to the huge demand confirming they will cease new orders in a public notice on their website.

"Regarding the high-end compact digital camera “FUJIFILM X100V”, we have received orders that have greatly exceeded our initial plan, and we are unable to keep up with the supply of products, so we will temporarily stop accepting orders from today. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers. In addition, we will inform you again from our website about the resumption of orders," the statement says.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why the Fujifilm X100V is in demand, why the Fujifilm X100V has been out of stock, the latest updates on its availability, and some tips on how to secure one once become available on the market.

Why is the Fujifilm X100V out of stock?

If you are wondering why the Fujifilm X100V is hard to catch or you probably see them on camera stores online but all of them are out of stock, this is because Fujifilm temporarily suspends the acceptance of orders way back in November 2022.

While the reason behind its unavailability is multifaceted, Fujifilm confirmed that they will stop the production of X100V temporarily. Who knows why they have decided to cease the production of this in-demand camera but one thing is for sure, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in various industries, including the camera industry. As lockdowns were implemented worldwide, many businesses, manufacturers, suppliers, etc. were forced to close their doors, which led to a decrease in both production and sales; supply chain issues both in terms of components and transportation.

One of the significant impacts of COVID-19 on the camera industry has been the cancellation or postponement of product launches that were caused by the delays and shortages of key components and materials needed to manufacture cameras. Aside from the havoc caused by the virus, we all know that FujifilmX100V has been incredibly popular since its launch in early 2020. With its sleek and stylish design, advanced features, and incredible performance, it becomes a versatile and powerful tool for photographers of all levels. This camera is extremely popular, ergo the demand for it has been high, and Fujifilm has struggled to keep up with the demand for this camera.

When will the Fujifilm X100V be back in stock?

The Fujifilm X100V camera's stock status can vary depending on various factors such as demand, production, and supply chain constraints. And you are probably thinking the best way to know if it is in stock is to check the Fujifilm website or their authorized dealers or online retailers. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. It is difficult to predict when the camera will be back in stock as Fujifilm has not released any official statement or updates yet regarding the availability of X100V.

However, there are some rumors, leaks, or indications that the Fujifilm X100V may become available soon. For instance, authorized dealers like Nuzira have started to list the camera on the website as available for pre-order, which may indicate that Fujifilm is preparing to restock the X100V. But, it is important to note that the product's unavailability is out of our hands and there may be complex issues that may take some time to fully resolve. We just have to wait for the official announcement of Fujifilm regarding this matter but rest assured that they hear all of us.

How to secure your Fujifilm X100V when it becomes available?

Pre-ordering is the best way to ensure you get the Fujifilm X100V. Stock is allocated on a first come first filled bases. Nuzira uses the current best practices of supply chain support to ensure we have the perfect amount of stock coming in to support all of our customers' needs. If you have questions about pre-ordering please reach out to someone at for more info.


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