Azden Uni-Directional Lapel Microphone


Azden Uni-Directional Lapel Microphone

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A high-quality, electret condenser microphone, the Azden Uni-Directional Lapel Microphone offers professional performance at a very affordable price, making them a great choice for almost any situation where clear speech capture is needed. Whether you need a high-quality audio option for on-camera interviews, film projects, wedding videos, YouTube videos, web-casting, theater performances, or lectures, Azden has the solution for you!

This microphone is uni-directional, meaning it picks up sound most strongly from the top. Its directional sound pick-up is perfect for situations where you want to isolate a speaker’s voice from background noise or reduce the potential for feedback over a speaker system. No matter what the application, Azden’s lapel microphones can help your project reach its full potential!