Formatt Hitech 4x5.65 Firecrest Ultra ND 1.5 Filter (5 Stops)


Formatt Hitech 4x5.65 Firecrest Ultra ND 1.5 Filter (5 Stops)

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The Formatt Hitech 4x5.65 Firecrest Ultra ND 1.5 Filter (5 Stops) is an incredible filter that allows for incredibly precise and neutral filtering when shooting with cinematic cameras, such as professional digital cinema cameras. With its unique coating of rare earth minerals rather than dyed resin, this filter is neutral across all spectrums, including UV, visible, and infrared. This filter is also scratch-resistant, meaning you'll be able to shoot without worrying about excess damage to your camera lens because it is made from 4mm thick Schott Superwite glass, and the multicoating is bonded in the middle to increase scratch resistance.

Furthermore, this filter is a world-class carbon-based IRND filter with hyper-neutral color balance which can be used for uniform near infrared filtration allowing your camera's color science to remain untouched. It is designed to be compatible with Arri, RED, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Panasonic, and other modern digital cinema cameras allowing the image to be captured as the manufacturer intended.