Padcaster Verse Grip in a Front View
Mobile Phone Attached to Padcaster Verse Grip
Padcaster G-Pod


Padcaster Verse Grip & G-Pod

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The Perfect On-the-Go Companion for your Camera or Small Tablet making you Instantly Ready for Shoots!

The Padcaster Verse Grip & G-Pod is the first all-in-one mobile video solution built for any smartphone. With the largest range of any grip, you can lock in any phone or small tablet and you’re instantly ready to shoot. Don’t want to take your phone out of your favorite case? No problem. This grip has three integrated cold shoe mounts, so you can add mics and lights without having to buy extra gear to do it. Verse™’s ergonomic design allows for easy operation for shooting photos or videos with one hand and with an integrated tripod thread, you can use the Verse™ Grip with any standard support. 

It is a small and portable all-in-one mobile video case for Apple, Android, and other smartphones and small tablets up to 5.31" wide. Despite its small size, which allows it to fit into pockets, it supports a wide range of compatible phones and tablets, and can even accommodate phones while in their case. It even comes with the Padcaster® GPOD - an intensely flexible tripod that doubles as a hand grip for extending your reach or taking selfie videos.