Tokina Cinema Formatt Hitech 4x5.65'' Clear Supermist 2 Filter


Tokina Cinema Formatt Hitech 4x5.65'' Clear Supermist 2 Filter

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Introducing an Ultimate Softening Tool for Creating a Feeling and a Mood, this Tokina Filter is Essential for Many Cinematographers!

The Tokina Cinema Formatt Hitech 4x5.65'' Clear Supermist 2 Filter is a classic cinematic filter that has been in production for three decades. This lens has become a staple and often essential filter for many cinematographs working within Films, TV, music videos, and advertising. It comes in three main types Black Supermist, Clear Supermist, and Warm Supermist.

This filter is the ultimate softening tool for creating a feeling and a mood be it indoors or outdoors. It excels in reducing excessive sharpness of some modern cameras and optics flattering all complexions and skin types. It moderates contrast lightening shadow areas without becoming distracting to the image. It also causes bright specular highlights to diffuse and smooth out, giving a subtle halo effect to windows and strong light sources. The effect is very subtle lightly smoothing skin and causing a soft blooming of lights when used at a low density such as 16th or 8th strength. And the highest densities such as a 1 or a 2, are ideal for effect shots such as dream sequences or abstract work with heavy halation of the light and extreme smoothing of textures.