Blackmagic Design Announces 4 New Ultimatte 12 Advanced Keyers

Blackmagic Design Announces 4 New Ultimatte 12 Advanced Keyers

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Blackmagic Design has just launched four exciting new versions of their Ultimatte 12 real-time compositing processors. These cutting-edge models are tailor-made for crafting revolutionary broadcast graphics.

They're set to transform the way we see and experience on-screen visuals, offering unparalleled quality and innovation in the world of live graphics.

Unveiling Blackmagic Design's 4 New Ultimatte 12 Advanced Keyers

The Ultimatte 12 isn't just the world's top keyer; it's a cutting-edge, real-time compositing processor crafted for the future of broadcast graphics. This device revolutionizes the game with brand-new algorithms and sophisticated color science, ensuring your composites look stunningly photorealistic.

What sets the Ultimatte 12 apart? Its exceptional edge handling and enhanced color separation capabilities. You'll notice a remarkable improvement in color accuracy and spill suppression, even in tricky situations like dark shadows or when dealing with transparent objects, such as windows.

But that's not all. The Ultimatte 12 comes in four incredible versions, each designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you're working with HD, Ultra HD, or pushing the boundaries with native 8K support, there's an Ultimatte 12 for you.

Imagine delivering your weather forecasts, sports commentary, news, or entertainment segments with the kind of cinematic quality that was once only dreamt of. And the best part? All of this is composited in real time, bringing an unprecedented level of professionalism and polish to your broadcasts. The Ultimatte 12 is more than just a tool; it's a game-changer in the world of broadcast graphics.

Add an Ultimatte 12 to Each Camera!

When you're in the thick of a live multi-camera shoot, juggling different angles, you'll often find that green screens can be a bit of a headache. They tend to look different from camera to camera, which is a real challenge when you're trying to keep your live feed looking seamless.

This is especially tricky because the keyers (those nifty tools that swap out the green for whatever background you want) in live production switchers are usually stretched thin, serving multiple cameras at once. Each camera has its own unique perspective of the green screen, and one-size-fits-all keying just doesn't cut it.

Enter the game-changing Ultimatte 12. This little marvel is a game-changer for anyone working with live multi-camera setups. It's not just about the advanced technology it offers, but also its affordability, which means you can equip each camera with its own Ultimatte. This is huge because it lets you fine-tune the keying for each camera's specific view of the green screen. Imagine that – each camera gets its own personalized keying treatment!

With an Ultimatte dedicated to each camera, you're no longer limited by the constraints of physical set design. You can push the boundaries of creativity and craft entire new worlds in your productions.

The Ultimatte 12 doesn't just solve those pesky green screen variations; it opens up a universe of possibilities, making your live compositions more dynamic, immersive, and downright impressive. It's like giving each camera its own magic wand to create whatever world you can dream up!

Generate Live Virtual Environments for Broadcast!

Whether you’re working in broadcast news, sports, film production, or magazine style entertainment programming, Ultimatte 12 has the quality for incredibly life like composites that place your talent into any scene! Plus the new Ultimatte 12  models include built in frame stores so you don't need live video sources for all inputs. You can also use Ultimatte 12 to layer computer generated augmented reality foreground objects into a scene, complete with realistic transparency that your talent can walk behind! Ultimatte 12 is also perfect for on set pre visualization in film production because it lets actors and directors watch the scene while they’re shooting.

Create Realistic Fixed Camera Virtual Sets

magine transforming your compact apartment or basement into a sprawling broadcast studio! With the Ultimatte 12 models, this dream becomes a reality. These models come equipped with frame stores, allowing you to import pre-rendered still frames from a 3D modeled broadcast set.

This is a game-changer in live production, as it opens up the possibility of having a virtual set in spaces where a physical broadcast set would be impossible to accommodate.

What's more, you can achieve this without any additional external equipment. Simply equip multiple cameras with an Ultimatte 12, each loaded with a background frame. Since these backgrounds are pre-rendered, they can achieve a level of photorealism that surpasses traditional virtual sets. And if your cameras remain stationary, these backgrounds will maintain a flawless appearance.

Another great advantage of the Ultimatte 12 is its affordability. This cost-effectiveness means you can deploy more cameras to enhance your production quality. In essence, the Ultimatte 12 offers a practical, budget-friendly solution for creating highly realistic and expansive broadcast environments in the most limited spaces.

Ultimatte 12 HD Mini

Unique Ultimatte 12 with HDMI connections so you get the world's most advanced keyer with consumer cameras! Get full Ultimatte 12 processing and frame stores to create virtual sets at no extra cost!

Offering the Ultimatte 12 8K4K12 HD, and 12 HD Mini versions, these new chroma keyers are available to fit almost any video production style or budget.
The 4 new models of Ulitmatte 12
Ultimatte 12 HD

Experience the pinnacle of chroma key technology with our latest HD model, now surprisingly affordable. It boasts the renowned Ultimatte 12's superior processing power, ensuring unparalleled edge definition, exceptional color distinction, and enhanced spill reduction.

This cutting-edge tool elevates your production quality, offering a level of precision and clarity that was once only a dream for professionals in the field.

Ultimatte 12 4K

Ultimatte 12 is at the forefront of chroma key technology, boasting cutting-edge 12G-SDI connections that support both HD and Ultra HD formats. This advanced tool excels in creating seamless composites, thanks to its exceptional edge handling capabilities.

It offers unparalleled color separation, ensuring that your subjects blend flawlessly with their backgrounds. Additionally, Ultimatte 12 significantly enhances your work by effectively reducing unwanted color spill, making it a top choice for high-quality, professional keying.

Ultimatte 12 8K

Experience the pinnacle of chroma key technology with our cutting-edge Quad Link 12G-SDI chroma keyer, designed for HD, Ultra HD, and even 8K! This forward-thinking device is equipped with the latest Ultimatte 12 processing capabilities, ensuring it's ready for the future of broadcast and film production. Whether you're working in high-definition today or venturing into the world of 8K tomorrow, this chroma keyer is your perfect partner for creating stunning, seamless visuals in any resolution.

Experience the Power of Seamless Keying with Ultimatte 12 Advanced Keyers.
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