Blackmagic Design Web Presenter
Blackmagic Design Web Presenter
Blackmagic Design Web Presenter
Blackmagic Design Web Presenter

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Blackmagic Design Web Presenter

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1 review
Output Resolution:UHD 4K
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Blackmagic Design Web Presenter


9420 E DoubleTree Ranch Rd #107

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

9420 E DoubleTree Ranch Rd #107
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Blackmagic Design Atem Mini - Web Presenter

Live stream from any 12G‑SDI video source direct to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more! 

This model includes all the features of the Blackmagic Web Presenter HD model, however, it includes a more powerful codec so you can select to stream in 720p, 1080p HD, or full resolution 2160p Ultra HD! 

Blackmagic Design Atem Mini is the ultimate HD and Ultra HD streaming solution that includes a professional hardware streaming engine for streaming up to 2160p60 directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more! Plus you can stream to the internet using Ethernet or connect a 5G or 4G phone to use mobile data! The built-in USB connections also work like a webcam, so you can connect to a computer and use any video software. You even get a monitoring output with video, audio meters, trend graphs, and more! 

Now you can live stream to the world! Blackmagic Design Atem Mini is a complete streaming solution that includes a professional hardware streaming engine for direct streaming via Ethernet to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more! It’s just like a modern broadcast television transmitter for a new global streaming audience! Plus the built-in USB connections work like a webcam, so you can connect to a computer and use any streaming software, or even Skype or Zoom. For redundancy, if you buy Atem mini you can stream to the internet via Ethernet or connect a 5G or 4G phone to use mobile data! Web Presenter also includes a technical monitoring output that includes video, audio meters, trend graphs, and even SDI technical data! 

Blackmagic Design Atem Mini supports the most popular streaming platforms. Plus, the built-in hardware streaming engine has been designed for live streaming at professional broadcast quality. That means you get a self-contained solution for live streaming that works without dropped frames. You only need to connect it to the internet! Setup is easy, as the Web Presenter Utility software lets you select the streaming platform and update the streaming key. The utility works on Mac and Windows and connects directly via USB or remotely via Ethernet. If you're technically minded, you can even manually update the XML settings file to change specific settings or to add new streaming platforms. 

YouTube is the most dominant live streaming platform globally and you can connect multiple web presenters to both the primary and secondary YouTube servers, allowing for full redundancy. Simply create your channel and the Blackmagic Design Atem Mini will connect and live stream to YouTube's servers. 

Facebook makes it easy to share live streams with friends and professional networks. This means as you start your live stream after you buy Atem Mini, the number of viewers can multiply dramatically as each viewer can share your show with others via their social networks. Viewer counts can keep growing as you live stream! 

Twitter supports live streaming so you can create live content that you can broadcast across the globe. You can use the Blackmagic Design Atem Mini as the source input for your Twitter video stream then tweet out the link to your audience and let them start watching. 

With an audience of over 10 million daily viewers, Twitch is the world’s leading streaming video platform and community for gamers. Blackmagic Web Presenter lets you stream in incredible quality so you can broadcast via Twitch and share gameplay with friends and fans around the world! 

Make Live Streaming Easy! 

Blackmagic Design Atem Mini is a self-contained solution that includes a powerful hardware encoder, software for connecting to streaming platforms, and network connections. That means you don’t need to buy an expensive computer or use complicated streaming software. Simply connect an SDI video source such as a live production switcher or a camera, then connect to the internet using the built-in Ethernet connection. Or plug in a mobile phone to use mobile data! Buy Atem Mini to start enhancing your live streams. With settings built in for popular streaming platforms, you simply need to enter a streaming key and press on air! Plus you can simultaneously use the USB webcam output to connect to a computer, allowing other video software to be used! 

Connect 5G or 4G Phones for Mobile Data 

If you're streaming from a remote location, or you need a backup for the main Ethernet connection, you can plug in an Apple or Android phone to connect to the internet via mobile data. For convenience, there are USB connections on both the front and rear panels that can be used for tethering phones. Plus it works with the latest high-speed 5G phones, as well as 4G phones! Blackmagic Design Atem Mini will auto-detect when a phone is connected and switch its internet connection to use it. You can select Ethernet or phone priority, which makes phone internet backup fully automatic. Plus, by using phone tethering and mobile data, Web Presenter becomes the perfect remote location streaming solution! 

USB Webcam Output for video Software 

Blackmagic Design Atem Mini features two USB connections that operate as a simple webcam source. That means you can plug into any computer and work with any video software. The software is tricked into thinking the web presenter is a common webcam, but it's really a broadcast-quality SDI video source! Buy Atem Mini and get guaranteed compatibility with any video software in full resolution 1080 HD or even 2160p Ultra HD quality, depending on the model! Imagine connecting a web presenter to a camera and then Skype or Zoom calling your client with live video of a shoot! Web Presenter works with any video software including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster, and more. 

Built-in Technical Monitoring 

Traditional broadcast transmitters are critical equipment in a television station, however, now the streaming server is just as critical because millions of viewers can be watching globally! To help, the Blackmagic Design Atem Mini includes a feature-rich technical monitoring output. The graphics-based monitoring output includes a video view, audio meters with accurate ballistics, trend graphs for codec data rates and cache fill, plus a summary of the streaming settings and detailed SDI technical information. The technical monitoring output works in full 1080 HD and outputs to both SDI and HDMI. That means you can use an SDI router for monitoring multiple units or connect a simple HDMI TV when you buy the Atem mini! 

Includes Web Presenter Utility 

The Blackmagic Design Atem Mini Utility software provides a single place to manage multiple web presenters and to update the settings and software. Simply plug directly into the front of the web presenter’s USB connection, or connect using Ethernet so you can configure remotely, which is important when you're managing multiple remote sites. The familiar menus and controls make it very easy to set up a live event, so you can get started fast! Plus the front panel LCD menus have the same settings and controls! You can even load additional services for ATEM Streaming Bridge. The Blackmagic Web Presenter Utility software is included free and runs on both Mac and Windows platforms. 

12G-SDI Supports720 HD, 1080 HD, and Ultra HD! 

Blackmagic Web Presenter includes a 12G‑SDI input with support for all HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. A 12G‑SDI loop output is included enabling you to loop video through more than one web presenter, so you can stream to multiple services. Blackmagic Web Presenter features Teranex conversion technology on the SDI input for an incredibly clean-looking video. 

Built-in Redundancy Keeps You On Air! 

Serious broadcasters love redundancy because it increases reliability. Blackmagic Design Atem Mini includes redundant features to help ensure you stay online. Buy Atem Mini to experience these benefits on your broadcast. You get dual internet connections, so you can connect to the internet using the built-in Ethernet or a tethered phone for 5G or 4G mobile data. Plus the internet automatically switches in case of an outage! Or you can use 2 separate units to stream to both the primary and secondary YouTube servers. With both AC and DC inputs, you can use a broadcast battery pack for redundant power. There are even front panel buttons and menus, plus the Blackmagic Web Presenter Utility software for control. 

Broadcast Links withATEM Streaming Bridge! 

While Blackmagic Design Atem Mini can send video to a wide range of streaming services, it can also be used as a private broadcast SDI video link between studios! The ATEM Streaming Bridge is a video converter that lets you receive the H.264 stream from Blackmagic Web Presenter and then convert it back to SDI video. This means you can send video between remote locations across your local Ethernet network, or via the internet globally! That's all possible due to the built-in H.264 hardware codec that decodes the Web Presenter stream. Imagine setting up multiple television studios and using ATEM Streaming Bridge and Web Presenter for video links between sites. 

Compact 1/3rd RU Design 

Blackmagic Design Atem Mini is based on the modular Teranex Mini design allowing desktop or rack use. It includes a built-in AC power supply, plus a 4-pin 12V DC connection for backup power or battery operation. The extremely portable design is only 5.5 inches wide, which means you can mount 3 in a single rack unit, perfect when you need to stream to multiple independent services all at the same time. Plus you can combine Blackmagic Web Presenter with other products such as the ATEM Television Studio HD switcher for live production and streaming solutions in a single rack unit. The front panel includes a USB connection, so you can plug in a computer for quick local setting changes.