Fujinon HA14x4.5BERD-S10B 2/3'' Premier Series Extreme Wide Zoom Lens


Fujinon HA14x4.5BERD-S10B 2/3'' Premier Series Extreme Wide Zoom Lens

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Designed for ENG cameras, this Fujinon Zoom Lens w/ Extender is a Wide-Angle perfect for HD Captures!

The Fujinon HA14x4.5BERD-S10B 2/3'' Premier Series Extreme Wide Zoom Lens is a 14x zoom lens with HD capture in a compact form factor. The lens's focal length increases to 9.9-139mm when its 2.2x extender is engaged. Its advanced S10 drive unit features ergonomic, faster, smoother zoom and focus functions, palm-sized form, minimal focus breathing, and metadata output via 16-bit encoders for use in virtual systems. A fast f/1.8 maximum aperture is optimized for low-light performance.


  • 4.5mm super wide angle of HD Zoom Lens
  • 16-Bit Encoders for VR Systems
  • 16bit encoders device for virtual system
  • 4.5-63mm Servo Zoom for 2/3" Cameras
  • 14x Zoom, 2.2x Extender
  • Fast S10 Servo Drive Unit with Metadata
  • Fast f/1.8 Max Aperture
  • Employed x2.2 extender for the first time
  • Minimized image distortion and improved corner resolution and contrast.
  • Equiped New Ergonomical Digital Grip


Model name HA14x4.5BERM / BERD
Focal length 1x 4.5−63mm
2.2x 9.9−139mm
Zoom Ratio 14x
Extender 2x
Maximum relative aperture (F-no) 1:1.8 (4.5-41mm) / 1:2.8 (63mm)
M.O.D.from image front lens 0.3m
Object dimensions at M.O.D.
16:9 Aspect Ratio
1x 4.5mm 744 x 418mm
63mm 51 x 29mm
2x 9.9mm 330 x 185mm
139mm 24 x 13mm
Angular field of view
16:9 Aspect Ratio
1x 4.5mm  93.6° × 61.8°
63mm  8.7° × 4.9°
2x 9.9mm  51.7° × 30.5°
139mm  4° × 2.2°
Filter Thread M127 x 0.75 (Filter attaches to the lens hood.)
Approx. Size (Φ × Length) Ф95 × 238.5mm(ΦxLength)
Approx. Mass  2.18kg(RM) / 2.26kg(RD) (without lens hood)



  • Fujinon HD 4.5-63mm f/1.8 ENG Zoom Lens with 2.2x Extender and S10 Servo
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty