Padcaster Studio for iPad Pro 11
Padcaster Studio for iPad Pro 11
Padcaster Fluid Head Tripod/Monopod
Padcaster Dolly Wheels
Padcaster Green Screen Kit
Padcaster Green Screen Kit
iPad Attached to 11" Padcaster Case
iPad Attached to 11" Padcaster Case in a Back View
Padcaster Supershade
Padcaster Supershade in a Back View
Padcaster Wide-Angle Lens
Padcaster Tele Lens
Padcaster XP-38 LED Light
Parrot Teleprompter with Bluetooth Remote Control & Cleaning Kit
Padcaster YT-1300 Unidirectional Mic
Padcaster Microphone
Padcaster Stick Microphone with Clamp System
Padcaster Studio for iPad Pro 11
Padcaster On-Ear Stereo Headphone
Padcaster Dual Mic/Headphone Jack
Padcaster Backpack


Padcaster Studio for iPad Pro 11

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Transform your iPad into an All-in-One Mobile Production Suite with the Padcaster® Studio!

The new Padcaster Studio for iPad Pro 11 is a complete turnkey mobile video production system designed for users that need a portable and rugged kit for broadcasting tasks. This Padcaster Studio allows you to turn your iPad into a professional all-in-one production module with a plethora of included accessories. 

The Padcaster® Studio includes your choice of Padcaster® Case with all three Padcaster® microphones – Shotgun Mic Kit, Stick Mic Kit, and Lavalier Mic Kit. Dual mic/headphone splitter, 0.45x wide angle lens, 2X telephoto lens, the Padcaster® Tripod with Wheel Dolly, LED Light, a 5’x7’ portable Green Screen with carry case, the Padcaster® Mini Teleprompter Kit with remote and cleaning kit, Super Shade Cover, and a padded Camera Backpack to safely store all of your gear are also included in this kit. Make great videos with the Padcaster® Studio!