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Why Shoot Panoramas and a Special Digital Fujifilm XPan Camera is Needed

We recently told you that Fujifilm could potentially release…

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Most Bought Fujifilm Releated Accessories in 2024 so Far

Usually on Sundays I share a recap of the latest Fujifilm deals

Buy AR-X100 Adapter Ring

Buy Fujifilm BC-W126S Battery Charger

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Viltrox AF 56mm f/1.7 Firmware Update Availbale

Viltrox has released a firmware update for the Viltrox AF 56mm f/1.7 X mount lens.

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Fujifilm X100VI Shipping Status: 75% of Orders Shipped (via FR) and Production Increase Complet...

I keep getting questions from fellow FR-readers about the shipping situation for the Fujifilm X100VI.

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Adobe Can’t Wait and Adds Reala Ace Support for X-T5 & Co Already!

Now, I can’t verify it myself, becauseI switched 100% to Capture One a long time agobecause I did not like the way Adobe was taking (just as I don’t like what’s going with Capture One lately and I am not sure I will stick with Capture One much longer… but that’s off topic).

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Fujifilm to Introduce C2PA Content Authenticity to X and GFX Cameras

I did not report about it in a dedicated article, because this was part of what was included in theFujifilm GFX100S II press release. But given the emails I am getting I thought I dedicate it an own article.

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