Tokina Cinema EF to PL 1.6x Expander
Tokina Cinema EF to PL 1.6x Expander in a Front-Side View
Tokina Cinema EF to PL 1.6x Expander


Tokina Cinema EF to PL 1.6x Expander

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Try this Amazing Tokina Expander, designed to increase the Image Circle's Diameter on your Camera's Sensor!

Tokina created the Tokina Cinema EF to PL 1.6x Expander so that cinematographers can use their favorite Super35 PL lenses on the latest full-frame 6K/8K cameras. The expander increases the diameter of the image circle by 1.6x on Super35 PL prime and zoom lenses, suiting the lens for use with cameras with up to 1.85" sensors. This allows for a greater variety of lens choices when filming with cameras like the RED Dragon which has a 46.31mm (8K) diagonal sensor. 

Tokina engineers gave special attention to the 7-element optical design to ensure the integrity of the original lens’ performance and to keep light fall-off to a manageable 1.36 stops. The mechanical design is robust, durable, and lightweight. The Tokina 1.6x Expander performs best when used with lenses that have a T2.0 or larger aperture and when the lens is stopped down to T2.8 or smaller.